Eagle Ridge eighth green.

Drive like an Eagle

by Arnie Hamel

Eagle Ridge Golf Club
Highway 169 West
Coleraine, MN 55722
(218) 245-2217

After our first voyage through Grand Rapids’ Grand Slam of Golf in 1997, the consensus was that the newest course of the four, Eagle Ridge in Coleraine, was the closest challenger to Pokegama for top honors among the foursome. That only nine holes were complete at the time said a lot about the layout and overall beauty of this course before it was even finished.

So not surprisingly our group looked forward to the opportunity to play this course in its entirety on our return to "Da Range" in August of 1999. We weren’t disappointed.

The same characteristics of the course that had grabbed us the first time around were now that much more mature Eagle Ridge course layout and complete: wide fairways with nicely cleared out rough areas, well kept tee boxes and large greens, a thoughtful clubhouse and pro shop, and of course gorgeous pine and birch forestry throughout.

The first hole at Eagle Ridge gives the golfer a good idea of what’s in store with a wide open, 371-yard uphill par-4 that has you coiling up and unloading with a driver. Next is a similarly broad and majestic 513-yard par-5 that begs you to hit driver, then three wood, with hopes for a chance at an eagle putt on a massive, undulating green.

The course also varies itself with a tricky, downhill 154-yard par-3 fourth hole that leads into the most difficult stretch of the course. The fairways through this section aren’t quite as generous as the rest of the course, presenting an entirely different challenge for the savvy shot-maker. Staying clear of the thick forest is suddenly of primary concern, and with water hazards and sand traps in the darnedest spots, it is a tough sequence of holes indeed.

The 503-yard par-5 sixth hole is especially memorable. The fairway stretches out before dogging left and down to a narrow landing area that curves back to a green partially surrounded by water. This hole presents a great risk/reward opportunity, similar to the par-5 ninth hole at Giants Ridge in Biwabik.

The 370-yard ninth hole opens up once again, preparing you for the more wide open, grip-it-and-rip-it holes on the back side. If you love thwacking away with your driver, Eagle Ridge sufficiently quenches your thirst. If your big club tends to leak to one side, you’ll appreciate the extra room this course provides.

Our group felt the final few holes weren’t as consistently good as the rest of the course, nor as scenic, but the variation in style from cut-out-of-the-woods northern course to the more treeless links-style concluding holes does add to the diversity of this Iron Range nugget.

As you make your way around Eagle Ridge the natural beauty of the area is evident. In fact, one of the nicest aspects of making the Grand Slam tour (Pokegama, Sugarbrooke, Wendigo and ER) is the uniqueness of each of the four courses. All four tracks rate high in scenic beauty but it’s pretty safe to say that Eagle Ridge looks nothing like the others. Much of the back nine overlooks beautiful Trout Lake, and throughout the course you’ll notice the Iron Range’s trademark rust-colored earth, if only to remind you where you are.

Not long ago the best reason to go to Coleraine, Minnesota was to see a great high school hockey game in the dead of winter. Today, with Eagle Ridge so nicely carved out of the woods, you can have a great time in Coleraine without shivering to death inside a hockey rink.

Rates at Eagle Ridge Golf Course
9 Holes 18 Holes
Weekdays $13 $23
Weekends $17 $27
Cart Rental
18 Holes $22
9 Holes $11
Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Out
Blue 396 549 373 183 423 537 154 374 403 3392
White 371 513 341 154 391 503 138 353 370 3134
Red 305 460 285 108 334 420 116 308 317 2653
Par 4 5 4 3 4 5 3 4 4 36
Hole 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Out
Blue 414 374 204 432 559 349 506 148 394 3380
White 382 342 175 397 524 328 486 123 363 3120
Red 320 287 113 335 441 263 396 103 309 2567
Par 4 4 3 4 5 4 5 3 4 35 36

Eagle Ridge Golf Course
One Green Way - Box 197
Coleraine, MN
1-888-307-EAGLE (3245) 218.245.2217